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Coffee cake gluten free protein pancakes

I think my favourite cake has to be coffee and walnut. So I thought I'd try a pancakes version. They didn't dissapoint!


Gluten SR free flour -50 g ( I use Doves Farm)

Vanilla vegan protein powder -35g ( I use awesome supplements)

Half a mashed banana

GF Baking powder -1 tsp

Instant Coffee- 1 tsp mixed with a little boiled water

Almond milk enough for a thick-medium consistancy


Mix all togther in a blender and cook in an oil sprayed pan to your desires size and flip when tiny holes start appearing on one side.


Coconut yoghurt

A little vanilla protein

CAmp coffee essence

Mix all these together to make a smooth cream

Add a drizzle of sweet freedom choc sauce and a few walnuts. Enjoy!

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