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How to achieve your goals for 2022

We’ve all had a pretty tough couple of years, so remembering to treat yourself with kindness and prioritising self care is important. Keep this in mind when setting your goals. That aside lets have a look at some ways to help you accomplish your set goals

Break the year down into smaller portions

If the whole year feels daunting, don’t worry. You don’t need to set resolutions for the whole year ahead.

Maybe, for now, look ahead to the next three months. One big goal or even several can seem overwhelming, which just leads to procrastinations and even giving up. Instead, try writing down your goals month-by-month, or plan for the seasons of the year, instead.

Find your why

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your resolutions, then it usually means you’ve overstretched. Take step back and really think about why you’ve set those specific resolutions. Try addressing how they will add value to you and your life.

Being overwhelmed leads to less quality and often giving up. Keep it real and, most importantly, be honest with yourself about why you’re setting them. The only person you have to answer to is yourself.

Delve deep

This will take time, but is worth it. Give your goals some real thought. If you just jot down a quick list you’ll end up letting go of them as quickly as you wrote them. If you address what would add real meaning to your life, you’re far more likely to make them happen.

Are you ready to commit?

Life goals take work and time, they don’t happen overnight.If you are not ready to commit to change don't worry, come back to it when you are. Only choose goals you know you can fully commit to.

Find a buddy

Struggling with motivation or just feeling like your resolutions may not stick? Then get an accountability buddy or someone who can help hold you to them. It’s so much easier when you do things together.

Set an end date for your goal

By setting a target date to have achieved it by, you’ll keep your visualisation clearer in your mind. Plus, it’s been proven that time-specific goals have a much better chance of being achieved. However, be realistic when you set your deadline. Change takes time.

Accept your failures as lessons

Change is never smooth sailing, and accepting that is important. You’re only human, after all. Things can and will go wrong. Instead of seeing it as a failure, look for the lesson and learn from it.

The power of reflection

It’s an important tool and one you should utilise often. Reflect as you go. Reflection is so simple but hugely powerful. In order to achieve your goals, you’re going to need to reflect along the way. When you have a set back, ask yourself why and what you can learn from, that way, you’ll improve as you go and likely find it easier.

Don’t give up

And finally, keep persevering. Stick something out if it’s a real life goal of yours. Just remember to keep it realistic and achievable.

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