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Makeover Merge: A Fashion Adventure with Puzzles and Choices

Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana are only a few of the beautiful celebrities you can play with in our makeover games. Choose between platinum blondes, brunettes, and sexy redheads, and give spa treatments for free! In our collection, you can go to a virtual salon and prove your beautician skills. Design full make over treatments, use dozens of different eye shadow colors, and make your model pretty! You can even dress up your character in hundreds of different outfits, including dazzling dresses and chic beachwear!

Are you a fashion makeover junkie who loves juicy scandals and dramatic romance? Then don't miss Makeover Merge - Fashion Merge! Here, get the most fashionable outfits by synthesizing, the fate of these girls is up to you! Game Features:Synthetic items give your character an incredible makeover for a special date or event! Keep unlocking new characters and help them fulfill their destiny! Start a new chapter in your life! A new story awaits

makeover merge

Download apk:

The items in bubbles are random duplicates. They will appear rarely when you make a merge so you can get an extra one. It costs diamonds to open and keep the extra item though. You have 1 minutes to claim it, if not then the item will turn into a small random amount of coins.

Bayside Merge is a reconstruction game adventure that combines city building, home restoration and design merge. In this game, players become city makeover merge masters as they embark on a challenging task: to restore the tropical coastal paradise of West Haven Bay back to its former splendor. As players renovate and decorate online or offline, they can enjoy endless renovation and designing possibilities all while being captivated by interesting storylines, drama, and exciting characters.

  • Design and renovate houses and give them a complete makeover.

  • Create new tools and combine them into new ones.

  • Discover hidden items and learn new and valuable skills.

  • Merge items to create powerful boosts and improve your gameplay.

  • Play Merge Home - Design Makeover, a free merge puzzle game.

You will be able to design and renovate a house from scratch or give a home a complete makeover. You can choose between a single-story or multi-story house. You will have to build the house and all the rooms, as well as the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, etc.

Makeover Merge is a fun mobile game that combines makeover and merge elements. Players match items to design the perfect outfit and level-up their characters. The graphics are well-designed and the gameplay is highly addicting.

Was wondering if anyone would like for me to do a makeover for the WikiProject East Timor page? It will look really good. Let me know if you all are interested. Regards. Wiki Raja (talk) 04:55, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

Please let me know what you all think of this new and improved page here for WikiProject East Timor. If you all like it, then I'll go ahead and merge this page and create a Portal:East Timor as well. Regards. Wiki Raja (talk) 09:27, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

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