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Free Money and No Ads in Bridge Race APK Hack: Download Now

There are many simple and casual games available in the market that can be played by any one because there are no difficult missions and difficult objectives that have to be attained in these types of games. Supersonic Studios Limited has never disappointed us with the casual gameplay that it has. It has now come up with the new casual game which is called Bridge race. It is an exceptional game in which you will have to build a bridge towards the other part of the pool but it is not as easy as it seems because during this gameplay you will face many difficulties. First of all you will have to select a certain colour for your bridge and you will only have to collect the bricks that match your Bridge colour. Another feature of this game is that you will have to stop your opponent as well because if he succeeds in building the bridge before you then you will lose the game. If you find the concept of this game interesting then we recommend you to read this article.

Bridge race is a casual game in which the main objective is to build the bridge towards the other side of the pool so that you can cross the pool easily. In this game you will also have to stop your opponents to build their Bridge so that you don't lose the game.

bridge race apk hack

It is the modified version of the bridge race game. In this hacked version you will be able to get unlimited money and you will also get a lot of boosters in this game as well. There will be no unlocked characters or levels in this modified version.

This game is very easy to play. In this game you will just have to build the bridge in order to win the game. You can choose any lane that you want to cover with bricks and you will have to move back and Forth in order to collect the bricks.

Bridge race features a casual Gameplay in which you'll just have to put the bricks on the lane and complete the bridge in order to cross the pool. The person who will cross the pool first will win the game. However in order to get a lot of boosters and ads free gameplay you can go for the modified version of this game which is available on our website.

Bridge Race is a unique racing game where you must collect different blocks and build your bridge on moving further into the game. You have to make sure you don't run out of bricks because that can lead to you failing the race. You need enough blocks in each race to add them to the bridge.

Your victory in the game depends on how many bricks you can collect in the given amount of time and then add them to the bridge to climb it up! You compete against other players in a competitive racing environment.